What is phonogram research?

I have been studying musical instrument production (violin, viola, cello, etc.), oriental medicine, mathematics, and physics with the keyword “phonogram”.
Phonogram means “figure of sound”.

The secret of the violin tone, as represented by the Stradivari, has not been discovered the way of making and is still a mystery. Most violin makers today do not try to unravel the secrets, but only make exact copies of the famous instruments.
Actually, that beautiful shape of the violin was determined by the sound. If the tapping tones at each point of the resonance plate are aligned over the entire surface, it will naturally converge to that shape.
Phonogram is appeared by the process of aligning the sound.

Actually, this idea can be applied to a human body which is a moving musical instrument.
In token of that, you can hear the sound when you tap your skin.When you examine the distribution of sound on your skin, you can find it matches the meridians of Eastern medicine. Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to examine many human bodies not as a business, but as a source of research data. As I examine the data, I convinced that phonogram is as same as meridians which idea is from a  classic Chinese theory called “Huangdi Neijing”.
Also, when I analyzed the phonogram geometrically, I was surprised to find that there are abundant mathematical structures there.My first interest of phonogram was from this experience, I explored various phonogram patterns since then. I realized that phonograms are appeared in reminiscent of ancient patterns, the design of any cultural things in the world and many of religious symbols, it was like ancient people had known the phonogram. Perhaps the phonogram is an innate human ability that modern humans have forgotten.

By conducting research using the phonogram (the shape of a sound) as a keyword, seemingly completely unrelated things can show unexpected connections and new insights can be gained. Since long ago, Violin making research was said  it’s a “place” where science, art, and magic come into collide.It seems that the phonogram is exactly the “place” itself.
At first, I didn’t even know what this was or what I was trying to do, I just continued to swim in the world of phonogram like Alice  who really fell into a wonderland.


There used to be a time when humankind was just looking at the night sky (universe).Kepler was the first person to transform the starry sky, which humankind can only look, into the form of “understanding”. In this way, humankind has expanded the area in which it can be “understood”. This is “science”.
At first, I just looked at the world of phonogram. After observing it for a long time, I realized that there was some kind of principle. Then needed some words to express such principles, and the word was “mathematics”. The mathematics for describing a phonogram may not be there yet, or it may already be there, or I may just not be aware of it. Whatever the reason, one of the goals is to create a strict mathematical representation of the phenomenon of phonogram. Perhaps new mathematics will be born from such efforts.

In addition, phonogram research implicitly includes “sixth sense,” “synesthesia,” and “extrasensory.” It’s a rather misunderstood form, but it’s what the street calls “qi” or “aura.”

Such research is not welcomed by research institutes like universities.I wanted to spend my life studying phonogram, so I decided not to belong to such an existing academy and chose my own path. I had several collaborators.
In fact, I have always wondered to myself, “Is this just my own belief?”,”Is it just a vision?”. However, this is not an illusion, as evidenced by the fact that phonogram can be used to create beautiful musical instruments on their own, as well as to improve injuries and illnesses.

Admitting these facts, I had no choice to question again, what is “science?” , What is a “human?” , What is “living?”.

This book is about human potential in the future. It maybe the same meaning, but it is a super-ancient wisdom that modern people have forgotten. It is the result of research that has pursued what only humans can do. In the 21st century, when the turmoil is extremely high, it seems that humankind is finally approaching a turning point. I started writing this book to be controversial in this era of change.The journey to Wonderland is still ongoing.
Through this book, I’d like to share the scenery of my journey.