Correlation between mind and body

If I scrape the instrument for half a day, my voice will die for some reason. I don’t even have an actual voice, but it dies down. This is because I listen to the sound when I scrape the resonance plate, so I sing it in my mind. Just feeling the sound and receiving it with our body will have a sufficient effect on our body. Please continue to sing for about half a day only in our mind.
This means that our  body is in a state where it can speak, just by thinking in our mind, without actually speaking. In other words, the same muscle tension that we had when we actually spoke was created, causing our throat to become tired even though we weren’t speaking. For example, the body is prepared in the state of a body that can utter “a” just by thinking “a” in the mind.  It doesn’t look like it, but the tension in our body can change a lot.

We have seen that the two resonance plates, which are almost indistinguishable from each other in the “sound barrier”, are completely different when viewed on a phonogram. Different figure patterns of phonogram mean different distributions of tension and relaxation.
This applies to the human body as well. Even if they look exactly the same, the figure patterns of phonogram are completely different between the tension in our body that we think “a” and the tension in our body that we think “i”.

The human body can create a similar tension in the muscles just by trying to move it in the mind. On the contrary, it seems to be moving very vigorously, and sometimes the inside of the body is not moving at all.
The movement of the mind and the body are always linked. If we think something bad in our mind, our body will be distorted. On the other hand, if our mind thinks good things, our body will feel better. Rather, the definition of good is that the body is pleased, and it is evil that the body suffers. It is a providence of nature that everyone will notice as long as they are alive.
The mind creates tension in the body, and I portray the phonogram of that tension. Distortion of the mind appears in the phonogram.
If the bad tension created by the mind continues for a long time, the body will actually become ill. We just have to get rid of illness before it appears on our body.

Phonogram can be said to be a phenomenon that connects the mind and body. I don’t know if this corresponds to the Chinese concept of Qi, but the phonogram of a high-resonant instrument and the phonogram of a comfortable body match.
The human body is, so to speak, a moving musical instrument. The human body can make various sounds by changing the form of the vocal cords. But the instrument cannot be transformed by itself. The phonogram of the body is dynamic, and the phonogram of the instrument is static. Also, the voices of young people and old are different.
If we actually look at the frequency components in Wave Spectra, we can see the difference.